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I am about to publish my first little game on android. I went well through the process till now, but now I am stuck at the point where it says "Congratulations. Your app is ready! You asked us to build it 2016-06-15 06:57:07 UTC. To start the app the signing process click here". If I click on click here i get this: gamesalad://apps/946854/sign/android (Page not found)

Can anyone help? Thanks.

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  • fmakawafmakawa Posts: 559
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    @hansdrum so you've signed the APK? Now you have to log into Google Play or whichever Android store you'll be using, Create an account, pay the developer fees and load a new app.
    follow directions here:

  • fmakawafmakawa Posts: 559
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    @hansdrum yes. Each new update has to be signed and you have to use the same keystore as the original version. So always keep the keystore in a place you can't forget and remember your passwords. REMEMBER-> ONE APP = ONE KEYSTORE= THE SAME KEYSTORE FOR ALL UPDATES. This is very important.


  • hansdrumhansdrum Member, PRO Posts: 22

    BTW: I went through the APK signing process within gamesalad program, which worked fine. But how can I publish to android now?

  • hansdrumhansdrum Member, PRO Posts: 22

    Ok, thanks. I thought thats working via gamesalad as well. How about updating games? Do I need to make the whole signing process again and then upload the updated apk in google store again?

  • johnnymagnejohnnymagne NorwayMember Posts: 112

    @fmakawa , just a question regarding security: If I have signed my app with my unique app keystore, is it then safe from being ripped from the PlayStore?

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