Do you have any tips for creating a successful app that has no ads?

natclarkenatclarke Brisbane, AustraliaMember, PRO Posts: 240

I would love to hear from people who have the secret ingredients for creating a successful app.

Below are some things that I have explored:

Good logo and Screen shot design
Great descrition and Promo
Quality App with in app purchase
Cross marketing, website and Facebook integration
Smooth reviews Pro membership



If you have some tips that would be wonderful. Especially with getting appropriate keywords

Nat Clarke
Life Cleansing


  • jay2dxjay2dx Member Posts: 610

    I would say definitely most of all a very good game that is polished to a high standard! Otherwise people won't buy it or leave a good review! Your looking at at least a year of production of your doing this yourself!

  • natclarkenatclarke Brisbane, AustraliaMember, PRO Posts: 240

    Absolutely. However, If the marketing is not done well, your game won't be found on the app store in the first place. Would love some tips that don't require spending lots of money to advertise.

    Nat Clarke
    Life Cleansing

  • smurftedsmurfted Member, PRO Posts: 523

    @natclarke how would you recommend going about the marketing?

  • natclarkenatclarke Brisbane, AustraliaMember, PRO Posts: 240

    Would like to get ideas from others that works. I use smooth reviews that help and Mac PR.

    Nat Clarke
    Life Cleansing

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