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APK file package name problem

Hi all, google will not accept my apk file because of the package name. I am posting the error i get below. I have changed my package name to reflect what they want but its still not working. Also, do I have to create a new keystore every time I sign a new version of the app?! Help!:(


  • adent42adent42 Posts: 1,418Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO GameSalad Employee

    Make sure there are no extra spaces. I should really strip spaces before saving, but I don't and that might cause a problem.

  • jovanovic_dejanjovanovic_dejan Posts: 15Member, PRO

    i have the same problem i tried so many different names that they banned me for 24 hours to upload anymore apk files.... i dont whats going on there but no matter what name i try its not working for me

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