iOS: Screen flickers/flashes black whenever new actor is created/spawned

Hello community!

I'm just trying to build my first GS game and have hit my first roadblock:

My game works pretty well so far in Creator (Mac, v1.25.61). But when I publish and test it ad-hoc on my iPhone 6 (iOS 9.3), there is this annoying flickering/flashing of the screen, whenever I'm spawning a new actor. (More specifically, I'm creating a "garden" composed on 10x15 "grass" actors - here my screen is constantly flickering. As soon as I'm done spawning, the flickering stops. When other objects are spawned later, it flickers again for a few milliseconds. The issue also occurs when I test on other iPhones, but not in Creator itself.)

If this description is unclear, I could upload a video of the behavior as well.

Any ideas how I can resolve this? I didn't find any similar threads on this forum.

Thanks for your help in advance!


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