Fixed bid wanted for sound effects/music

junderhilljunderhill Member Posts: 3

I'm looking for sound effects and music for a word game.

1) Sound effects: User will choose the best match (arrow with the word closest in meaning to the target) and tap (or swipe left). Correct answer will hit target; incorrect answer misses. So we need: pick arrow sound, flies to target, hits (happy sound), misses (sad sound). After a second there will be a new set of arrows + target word so a transition sound would be good. This is a timed game so we should use a start sound, and a game over sound.

2) Music: It is a timed game so it would be good to have music in the background that conveys some urgency. However, our users will be second language learners so the music should be subtle so it doesn't interfere with their ability to concentrate on reading and doing the task.

Please message me with a fixed bid for this project and a link to your portfolio. Spoiler alert, I won't automatically pick the lowest bid, but the best value for good quality work!


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