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"Creepy" This type of game and its Statistics

BigDaveBigDave Posts: 2,239Member

Creepy get massiv traffic of an average of 2000 installs a day.
It is also one of my main revenue sources right now but still it doesn't bring many conversions from interstitial pop ups/videos and sells almost no in-apps. Also people deinstall the game most likely at the same day as the deinstall rate matches the install rate.

Its this type of game. You play it, you finish it you can deinstall it.
And thats fine I wanted that good feeling of finishing a game.

But just to put things into perspective here some statistics.

Weekly Admob Impressions:

Monthly Installs:

Monthly Deinstalls:

So once I am finished with my new game the Pixel Mage I will go back and add some extra campaign as for what happened before the actual game.

Right now I have the options to donate either 1.99 4.99 or 9.99 and it creates minimal revenue.
I got great success selling in-apps in my other game Human Harvest. I didn't even label what the purchase do there I just showed them the aliens they can buy and curiosity triggered the purchases. But donation really doesn't seem to work.


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