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I am reading through the cookbook to try and setup RevMob Ad Network ...

I get to the following line ...
"Open the Portfolio entry for your app on the Web Publishing site and navigate to the Services drop down. Select RevMob."

1) I have not published any games yet and not familiar with "Web Publishing site" ... sorry if this is a simple question but I am not sure how to find this. Where do I look for this?

2) Also, can I use a different ad network for reward video, banner and interstitial? Confused on this because I thought I read here that AdMob does not do multiple but also read interstitial and reward must be same network. Any advice appreciated here as well.

Thanks for any help!


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    Create apps on your free revmob account by hitting the buttons at the bottom of the picture. It will generate apps with a code as seen in the middle of the pic. Idk why I censored my ad code, just paranoid.

    When you're publishing you're game you go to the side panel as shown in the picture below. You copy over the codes that are created from the revmob site in the first picture above.

    After you publish make sure you go back into revmob and make it "Go Live" by entering the link to your game, you'll see it easily.

    2. You can have different for Banner vs (reward and interstitial). Reward and interstitial must be of the same network. I just use revmob since it is able to do banner, reward, and interstitial all on the same network. So it's easier to report/check, and seems to be going fine. Can't really say if I'm making much since I'm fairly newly published

  • goonergooner Lancaster, PAMember Posts: 135

    got it, thanks ... one last question, when you enter the code on publishing screen, is that after you publish or right as you are about to?

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    That is after you publish FROM THE GAMESALAD CREATOR, but BEFORE you publish to the app stores.

    After you type in that code (and everything else), you will click "Generate App" -> then sign it -> then publish to the stores

    So you got awhile, you'll see in the Cookbook you're following

  • goonergooner Lancaster, PAMember Posts: 135

    ok ill look out for that, thanks!

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