Interested in developing restaurant/gardening game

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Good Day to Everyone,
I've started playing these new restaurant/gardening games and thought about creating one myself, similar to World Chef and MyCafe with a bit of FarmVille 2 mixed in, just to
give you an idea of the graphics I am hoping to develop.

If there is some sage advice out there for me to learn from, I would be most grateful.

One thing I noticed is that I am "able to play MyCafe on all devices - what platform allows me to do that?

With Much Appreciation!


  • -Timo--Timo- Member Posts: 2,313

    welcome to gamesalad! These games seem quite big and complicated for a starter. I would suggest you to start smaller and simpel to learn gamesalad.
    We have a lot of free templates here you can learn from and there are also many more on other sites.

  • NNterprisesNNterprises Member, PRO Posts: 387

    You are able to play all Gamesalad games on all devices. Use iphone5 or 6 when you set up the game and when you publish it will stretch/fit to any phone type depending on your publishing preferences.

    You can play on android phones/tablets, iOS phones/tablets, and kindles (and other stuff). When you publish though, you will have to publish for android/amazon and apple separately, but still "you can play the same game on all platforms"

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