Android SDK different from Cookbook instructions?

Hey all,

It looks like what the Cookbook refers to as the Android SDK Tools ( has now become Android Studio. Not only that, but the installation process looks pretty different from the screenshots. I pretty much made my best guesses by choosing the defaults and when it asked what components to install, I chose all of them except the Android Virtual Machine (1 gigabyte).

Did I do that right? I'm a bit concerned since I know publishing can be finicky as-is. I'm on a Windows machine.


  • barleyesqbarleyesq Member Posts: 72

    Any further insight on this? Did it go OK?

  • Perritech BetaPerritech Beta Member, PRO Posts: 14

    So far testing on the device and ad-hoc testing is working fine, so it seems so! Hopefully someone at GS will update the Cookbook instructions to match what it is now.

  • graham.cook82graham.cook82 Member Posts: 1
    edited August 2016

    I almost fell foul too - however! The SDK standalone installer is further down the page underneath where it says Android Studio suite... Just scroll down to find it. Then I followed the cookbook and voila! All up and running. so far...

  • gingagaminggingagaming FREELANCE GS DEV Member, PRO Posts: 1,627

    @Perritech Beta said:
    Did I do that right?

    Ive installed a new machine on android studio instead of the Android SDK and it works as expected. Android Studio contains all the SDK tools.

  • Perritech BetaPerritech Beta Member, PRO Posts: 14

    Ah, you're right @graham.cook82 . Thankfully all seems well on my end so it looks like either way can work.

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