App rejected for copyright infrigement

ohtukrwohtukrw Sir dogeMember Posts: 106

So I wanted to make a meme based game, which resulted in rejection. An actual extract from their email :

Remove any content owned by a third party from your app. For example, your app contains: images of Troll Face in the Phone Screenshots, Feature Graphic, Hi-res Icon, Launcher Icon, and App Experience.

Game has other memes involved, which were not mentioned in the email.

After some digging it turns out that trollface had a patent... However I am now absolutely confused.

Is it ok to put another meme instead and it will go through? Or I will get rejected again with a possible account termination...

There are numerous meme based games in the market, how did they get approved???

I am a fan of the rage comics and this is so unfortunate. :disappointed:


  • zweg25zweg25 Member Posts: 738

    You cannot use someone else's material, such as a meme off Google images or a website, without approval from the creator

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