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Rainbow Infinity [iOS] - coming soon!

birdboybirdboy Posts: 284Member
edited July 2016 in Announce Your Game!

Hey fellow Gamesalads!

After years and years of working on an infinite amount of prototypes and half-completed games I've finally fought through to the very end and finished a project. Right now it's lying at Apple awaiting review. This is my second GameSalad game, my first one was Color Rush Ninja .

Rainbow Infinity is a game about having fast fingers and playing it feels a bit like playing a piano. There are trophies which you have to earn to unlock new modes and every new mode features a new gameplay element and a new soundtrack. Sometime in the midst of development I was planning to release the game for free featuring ads but I really didn't feel like it. Since then a lot of content was added to the game and right now I'm starting to work on the first update featuring a variety of additional modes that feel different to the existing ones.

Here are some previews of Rainbow Infinity (wall of stuff incoming!):



App Preview Video

Here's a link to my site with the app description and 2 more screenshots:

I hope the game will be out sometime next week.



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