Confused about how people earn from Google Play or App store ????

Hi guys;
I am still wonder how can they earn from those game stores. Not mention purchased apps, most of apps there are totally free so what do app or game developers got after uploading their games?
I wonder if it depends on the number of installation. How much will they can make profit if their app got about 1 milliion installation? Any tool for estimating that number?
Thank you guys!


  • NNterprisesNNterprises Member, PRO Posts: 387
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    No tool for estimating. All free games make money off of ads. The more installations, the more ad impressions/clicks onto users, making more money

    Also remember to not be too hopeful. Gamemaking is like making music or videos. It may be a really good product but only a few "go viral" and make billions. You need some serious luck or serious promotion/business/advertising to make the big bucks as an indie developer.

  • johndeppjohndepp Member Posts: 1

    Yeah, he's right! You can email them and ask this question :smiley:
    By the way,I know a site which can help you find you the installation of an app per day depend on daily rating:
    They have a column called change log, you just need to type the name apps and do a abstract calculation between dates-> the number of installion per day
    Hope it helps for your research!

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