Will pay for help with my game...

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I am working on a GS game and have reached a point where things would be done if it was just working right. I need help finding the reason my scores are not adding up for each category, as I can find the rest of the issues on my own. I am too new a GS coder to do the big bug hunt on my own. If you go to http://pocketgames4.me and register then send me a email to pulpfictionstore @ gmail.com with your username I will upgrade your account to "developer" and you can go to the download area and get the alpha code... $100 to the first person who solves my problem!

Eagerly awaiting your response...



  • peachpellenpeachpellen Member Posts: 977
    That he is :) Without his youtube tutorial I would never have been able to get the GS viewer on my iPhone/iPad ^-^;
  • fstltnafstltna Member Posts: 96
    t-shirt isn't going to help me out - I still need someone to do this for me... I will be willing to pay more than $100 if the job gets done quickly...

  • Rob2Rob2 Member Posts: 2,402
    How many rules do you have and are they documented in any way?
  • fstltnafstltna Member Posts: 96
    Many rules, especially the main "RollDice" rule which does the bulk of the work. They are only documented by the names of the variables & functions. I don't know how to document them further than that.

    I will give any feedback you need to help you get it working.

    The main subroutine that does the work is the "RollDice" one which rolls the dice that the user has not selected to save and then fills in the selection buttons with the current scores for each function.

    Let me know if you need anything more to help you out!

  • Rob2Rob2 Member Posts: 2,402
    in fact do you have some kind of outline or flow chart for your game? I used to play Yahtzee quite a lot in Denmark but pulling apart a deep GS project is harder than it seems. Getting a good picture of programme flow can be very tricky, and GS is totally NOT equipped for debugging. Anyway I will happily have a look...no cash required.
  • Rob2Rob2 Member Posts: 2,402
    ok...same time post... could bode well!! just about to have lunch then my afternoon is yours:)
  • fstltnafstltna Member Posts: 96
    I could make a project flow chart if you tell me what format you would like it in. Basically the user clicks the "roll dice" button which rolls the dice and then computes the possible scores for each open category button. This is where my problems come in - I do the rolling, and from my testing the numbers are being computed, but the actual category buttons are only appearing as "0". I think there is some step I am leaving out that GS requires, or triggers are only happening once and that is the problem. Don't take my word for it, I am a GS newbie so maybe there is something else going on..

  • Rob2Rob2 Member Posts: 2,402
    ....I eat to quick...anyway that sounds straightforward enough for now,...I will join your site and take it from there.
  • fstltnafstltna Member Posts: 96
    I'm sorry - I didn't mean to make it sound like you didn't want to help me, you went out of your way to look over my code and I am grateful...

  • firemaplegamesfiremaplegames Member Posts: 3,206
    I was helping her with it last week. There was duplicate code on both the instances and the prototypes in the Library. The code in the prototypes was older than the code on the Instances and they were tripping over each other.

    Her code is much cleaner now, but I ran out of time to help her. I had to get back to my own games!

    And it's a fairly complex Rule set. You can click on the Roll Dice button as well as all the dice themselves, as well as the buttons at top with the scores.

    There needs to be a definite "flow" to the game. Distinct in-points and out-points for the code.

    Right now you can click on everything willy-nilly. I was able to "win" the game by just clicking around on things.

    Everything is acting at once and the code is getting confused.

    I recommended that she start over from scratch, just to make sure there was no left over Instance code causing problems, and rebuild it one part at a time. Make sure each part is rock solid before adding in the next part.

    Hopefully somebody can help her get it working!
  • fstltnafstltna Member Posts: 96
    If you want to rewrite it I will pay twice what I previously offered, I can't do it myself...

  • synthesissynthesis Member Posts: 1,693

    You seem like a nice person...but I'm not sure anyone will "rewrite" your game...even for $200. If they offer...they probably will simply use the game logic you have and sell it as their own title.

    I personally wouldn't do that to you or anyone else...but I'm not sure I would spend 2 weeks rebuilding someone else's game for $200 either. $2000 maybe...but not $200.

    I recommend that you start a new title...perhaps a little simpler and put your dice game on the shelf for the time being. Make the new title a little simpler.

    Get a little more experience under your belt and then after you do another game or 2 finished, go back to this game with fresh eyes and more experience. Then perhaps you can rebuild that game to work even better.
  • fstltnafstltna Member Posts: 96
    The whole game should not need a rewrite if the problem can be found: What is not working is the scoring code is not updating the category buttons and so they all appear to have the score of "0"... You are supposed to be able to roll the dice up to three times and then click a category button to choose the desired best-place score. I have verified that the dice rolling is working, but the fields are not being updated..

  • scitunesscitunes Member, Sous Chef Posts: 4,047
    Have you tried unlocking instances so you can have one actor directly change the attributes of another?

    In an instances you can go to the expression editor and click current scene -> layers -> actors

    so you could create a rule in the dice rolling actor that directly changes the other score actors.

    just a thought.
  • arbtarbt Member Posts: 13
    Hello, I have some spare time so I will give it a try, even rewrite the code for you. Please send me an email with the project documentation:

  • JackBQuickJackBQuick Member Posts: 524
    Maybe this might help:

    Yahtzee scoring (demo)

    I'm afraid that I'm rather busy at the moment so I'm not able to provide any documentation or support for this.

    If you feel that this has helped you, please consider making a donation to Pakistan flood relief efforts (for example, through UNICEF).

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