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How to publish a game don't compatible with 3.5inch iPhone?

Hey guys.
I wanna make a game , it's not compatible with iphone4 or 4s.
I only find the Minimum Supported OS Version option on the publish, but I can't find the minimum supported device option.
How can I do when I publish it?


  • ArmellineArmelline Posts: 4,747Member, PRO

    Unless something has changed, Apple doesn't support limiting by device. Up until recently they'd flat out reject games that didn't support iPhone 4. They don't seem to care any more, though, as long as you just say in the description "Compatible with iPhone 5+".

  • NickJonathanNickJonathan Posts: 10Member, PRO

    Hello @Smite

    Minimum supported OS version is 7.0 which is supported by iPhone 4.
    Therefore, your game is compatible with iPhone 4 unless you change the supported version to something higher.

    Keep in mind iPhone 4S supports iOS 9.3.3 and therefore you are "required" to make your game to be supported for 3.5 inch resolution.

    I would personally recommend you to set the minimum supported version to 8.0 and simply use the right scaling so that the game simply works on 3.5 inch devices.

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