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your chartboost interstitial types

goonergooner Lancaster, PAPosts: 135Member


chartboost seems to be working fairly well other than an issue with interstitial video and rewarded video cancelling each other out ... basically if i get an ad before my game, then on game over click the rewarded video button, it will move on without the ad. If I get to the rewarded video first, then when my game starts, it will not show an video ad, I have static one level lower on priorities but it skips those as well.

Just wondering if anyone has both interstitial and reward videos at the same time and what priorities are set at?

Might need to use static with rewarded video.

Also, contacted chartboost and they recommended I use the Named Locations to prevent the issue I described, but we cant do that in GS, (I don't think so anyway)



  • NNterprisesNNterprises Posts: 387Member, PRO

    I have Popup and Reward in Money Marathon, but I never use them "at the same time".

    When my guy dies, a Chartboost interstitial pops up with Change scene to gameover - display interstitial.

    Reward I have if reward button pressed change scene to reward-ad and display reward.
    They are not linked in anyway so I didn't do anything to the priorities.

    For reward ad though you do have to make sure RewardAd Value is positive to ensure the video has been played to move on/give points (like in the tutorial)

  • goonergooner Lancaster, PAPosts: 135Member

    hey thanks !... are you using video or static for your game over interstitial?

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