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My name is Jakob Otten, and I'm here because I'm working to make my dream a reality and become a game designer.

I'm an Economics and Management Studies major at St. Olaf college, class of 2019. Don't ask me how my majors are supposed to transfer over, I have no idea but I'll make it work! I'm not as big into coding (mainly because I haven't learned yet), but I'm teaching myself Javascript for starters. I'm very very social and will end up in a huge person-to-person role in any job industry.

With my Management Studies background I will leave the door open to founding my own company farther down the road- daunting, right? On the bright side, all it takes is one successful game and your indie start-up goes from start-up to big-time.

Love how the email I received from GameSalad told me to introduce myself, I almost didn't because I thought "yeah, right, no one actually does that, I haven't even used this site before...", but then I suddenly realized that was a stupid fear. Plus, I'd love to get my name out there.

Feel free to introduce yourself as well and tell me if you have a mutual interest in going into the gaming industry!


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