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FPS problem: ad-hok test very low(FPS 11.4)

FeathersFeathers Posts: 31Member

Ok. So I'm testing my game....but the FPS is so low.
The game speed is really slow. It's slow both on iPhone6 via GS Viewer and Android via ad-hok test. (It's fast on PC GS)
The funny thing is that when I'm on my main menu screen the Game Engine memory usage is 3.2mb
but when I go to the next page, the game engine memory usage boosts up to 20.8mb and FPS becomes 11.48.

Other Memory usage
Game Engine:17.4~20.8

Are my images or sounds to big?
What is the problem here.

Will it still be a problem even when i publish mine online(such as Google Play or Apple App Store)?


  • zweg25zweg25 Posts: 738Member

    The viewer probably isn't the best place to test, but if you ran an adhoc test and are having problems you need to see what is causing the FPS to be so low because it will be like that after publishing

  • ArmellineArmelline Posts: 4,831Member, PRO

    How complicated is your logic?

  • FeathersFeathers Posts: 31Member

    @Armelline said:
    How complicated is your logic?

    Well...I'm not sure how complicated my logic is but I use multiple attributes as conditions for the behaviors. For example if attribute "user coin" > "enhancement coin" change attribute self.Alpha to 1. When self.Alpha = 1 and touch is pressed change attribute enhancement to enhancement+1.

    There are about 20 logics like this one in my game.
    Maybe 10 on each Scene with one actor holding all the crucial logics.

    Does it look complicated? If so...then game should be pretty messed up.

    Although I did try my ad hoc test on a 4year old Android device, so maybe it would work better on a newer device..

  • FeathersFeathers Posts: 31Member

    SOLVED IT! :)
    The images were fine, the logic was fine, attributes were fine.
    The problem was my save timer. I had a timer for every 0 seconds so it could save my attributes but after I changed it to every 1 seconds fps is smooth 60. Thanks everybody.

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