Game of the Month: September Submissions Thread

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Hey everyone!

It's been a while! For those of you that thought that GotM was gone, fear not! It's back! This contest is community run and because of scheduling issues with those involved in running the competition, we took a few weeks off. But we're back! During our down-time, we discusses a few new changes to the competition and how often it'll be held. Keep an eye out for that announcement in an upcoming thread. When it's live, I'll also put the link here.

But enough with that, let's get back to business!

We are super excited to see this month's entries and are ready for being impressed; we're always amazed at the fantastic games and applications our community creates!

The panelists for this month are @KevinCross , @pHghost and @Adrenaline!

We will be rotating panelists each month, so if you're interested in judging, please contact @ForumNinja.

The new revised rules for the GotM are below, there are some important changes (I've bolded some of the most critical), so make sure you read them thoroughly!

Reminders about how the Game of the Month contest works:

Submissions are open for approximately 15 days (we may keep it open longer this month because of when this post is going live) and will close around 10 p.m. Pacific Time Zone. Make sure you get your submission in before then!

This mid-month closure allows us to play all of the submissions, evaluate and post the winner and blog post by the beginning of the following month, just as the next contest gets opened for submissions. We will announce a shortlist of 5 games roughly one week after submissions close to keep the tension high. After making the final decision, we will contact the winner via email shortly after the thread is closed. Each winner will be asked to complete a Developer Questionnaire and we will use this information to create a blog post that promotes your awesomeness! Additionally, we will feature the Game of the Month in dedicated Forum, Facebook, Twitter, and blog posts!

The panel may also award honorable mentions to games other than the winner. These can be awarded for beautiful graphics, superb gameplay, an innovative concept etc. Not all categories of honorable mentions have to be awarded every month -- this will be entirely up to the panel to decide, and the game to be awarded an honorable mention need not be selected from the shortlist only. The purpose of the honorable mentions will be to draw attention to exceptional apps, even if they might not be perfect in every single way (and thus not cut to be the GotM winner).

If all that wasn't enough, the GameSalad Team has generously offered to provide a $25 Amazon gift card or free month of Pro to the winner!

Submission Rules:

  1. Your game must be complete and published to the AppStore or GameSalad Arcade! (We have to be able to play it to know if it is worthy of winning!)
  2. Just to be clear, this is not a post to simply "announce" an upcoming game.
  3. Please limit your entries to 1 app per person.
  4. Apps must be posted within this sticky thread in order for it to be considered for GotM.
  5. You can resubmit your app if you submitted it last month and it got shortlisted, but this can only be done once; you cannot submit it three months in a row. (You can also resubmit an app that's been entered in more than one GotM so long as it has had a significant update. The panel will decide whether the changes are substantial enough, and will disqualify and delete entries that have just had a minor tweak to get around this rule.)
  6. If possible, please include a Youtube gameplay/trailer video that shows the awesomeness of your game!
  7. If your submission is a paid app, we ask that you send a promo code to each of the panelists listed above.
  8. Although we are aware that there are hundreds of awesome games out there, we prefer that the game you submit was published in the last 6 months.

Contacting the Winner:

In order to be featured, winners will have one week to submit answers to a questionnaire (for us to create a sweet blog post about you).

Best of luck!




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