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Has anyone here ever published to the windows store? Please help.

So I'm trying to publish my game in the windows mobile store, however I have ran into a couple of issues. So first of all, after following the publishing tutorial for cordova that's posted on here and signing my app, I tried to upload the .appx file to the store but I keep getting the following errors:

Invalid package identity name: com.BCGames.MeteorHunt (expected: 57271BCGames.MeteorHunt)

 Invalid package family name: com.BCGames.MeteorHunt_b*********** (expected: 57271BCGames.MeteorHunt_d************)

 Invalid package publisher name: CN=$username$ (expected: CN=E6******-06-41-BE**-4F*********)

(The * are just numbers and letters which I censored out as I'm not sure if they might be sensitive information)

However I'm not sure how to fix these errors. For starters, I'm not sure why the store expects the ID bundle "57271BCGames.MeteorHunt" because that is not the ID bundle I used when I created my package, I used com.BCGames.MeteorHunt. I'm not even sure where it's getting the numbers "57271" from. I even tried changing my ID bundle to 57271BCGames.MeteorHunt to see if the error was fixed but it always gives me an error saying that is not a valid bundle ID. Why would windows expect my app to have a bundle ID which is not even valid??????

It's the same confusion with the other errors. I'm not sure why it says the publisher name is $username$ because when I created my keys I stated that my company name was "BCGames". Plus I don't even know why it expects the CN to be that long string of numbers.

To top it all off, after running my game in my computer, it runs terribly. There are so many bugs that the game just doesn't run properly, but none of these errors happened when I published to android or iOS. The game runs smoothly in both android, iOS and in the gamesalad previewer, however for some reason when I test the game that's installed in my computer after creating it with cordova it doesn't run well, many things just simply don't work. Could it be that the way that gamesalad turns my project into an html 5 file is ruining the functionality of my game? Or should it run better in mobile after it has been published in the windows store? Has anyone ever published to windows and had the same issues? I don't want to give up on publishing in windows because I already paid for my microsoft developer account and I'm pretty sure there is no refunds.


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