Invalid Code Signing Entitlements

I am updating my app for the 2nd time. On application loader I am getting ERROR ITMS-90045,90046,90046, and 90211. All of which are saying "Invalid Code Signing Entitlements" of some sort. I am signing it with a distribution profile. I also have re-downloaded my provisioning profiles.

Help. I am out of ideas why this might be.

Thanks, Shawn


  • sswisehauptsswisehaupt Member, PRO Posts: 76

    I figured it out. Took me all day, but I got it.

  • johnnymagnejohnnymagne NorwayMember Posts: 112

    Please share if this might be useful info for others ;-)

  • sswisehauptsswisehaupt Member, PRO Posts: 76

    These are problem entitlements listed in the apple ID. Mine had to do with i-cloud. I signed into apple development and went to my apple ID for this app. I unchecked i-cloud and regenerated it. Then downloaded. I deleted my distribution provisioning in Xcode first so that I didn't accidentally sign my app with the wrong profile. Then everything went smoothly from there.

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