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B-Grade Renegade: FREE on for Mac!

HymloeHymloe Posts: 1,651Member
edited September 2016 in Announce Your Game!

I've put up a fully playable alpha build of B-Grade Renegade on here! Grab it for free (or Pay What You Want).

B-Grade Renegade
Can you reach the rocket in time to escape the Earth's last day?
Choose your route across the country in this roguelike action game!

  • Choose your route across the country, going for the resources you need most to survive and progress!
  • Fire mayhem! Fire spreads across trees, caused by explosions. Drop gas puddles and light them to create your own traps, but don't get burnt!
  • Buy weapons and ammo from shops.
  • Grab a car for protection against the denizens of the wastelands. Cars let you travel twice as far down any given route!
  • Procedurally generated levels. Every mission is different!

I started working on it in 2011, but it was a bit too complex for me, so I made 2 simpler games, then came back to B-Grade Renegade. It's been a long haul, and there's still work to do. Hoping to finish it this year.

Feel free to check it out. I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions, etc. :) Feel free to post here, or on the discussion board on the game's page itself. :)

All the best!


  • HymloeHymloe Posts: 1,651Member

    I'd love to hear your feedback... feel free to post it here.

    What do you like most?

    What do you like least?

    Any suggestions for things that would be cool?

  • HymloeHymloe Posts: 1,651Member

    Loving the community spirit. :dizzy:

  • clmhclmh Posts: 24Member, PRO

    Looking good and complex to develop indeed! Good luck!

  • NNterprisesNNterprises Posts: 387Member, PRO

    @Hymloe said:
    Loving the community spirit. :dizzy:


    Yea I haven't played it, is like underground App store? (Sorry I'm a noob)

    But it looks very good, entertaining, complex. Like the upgrades. Looks like it could keep me occupied a while

  • HymloeHymloe Posts: 1,651Member

    Thanks guys.

    Yes, is a website where anyone can create a profile, and upload games there for people to play.

    It's pretty great! You can set any price for your game, or let people download it for free, or even let them pay what they want (ie: the price you've set, or higher).

    It's a great way to get your games out there, whether they're little prototype ideas, in-development, or finished games. And people can comment on your games if you let them, etc, meaning you can get more of a community feedback vibe, which isn't possible on the App Store.

    It has more of a community / artistic vibe.

    I wish we could output Windows .exe builds from Game Salad, so we could share the games with a much much much broader audience of Windows players.

  • ToqueToque Posts: 1,182Member

    Looks pretty cool. Great action.

  • RowdyPantsRowdyPants Posts: 461Member

    @Hymloe I'm into this. Afro cat lady phone pal makes it even better :love: for real though

    The fullscreen macOS version is really fun! I like the balance of running over mobs to get ammo to shoot crates to get gas for cars and so on. Missions are a good length. Maps are sized and designed well (with the trees and whatnot). The various types of bad guys are balanced strength, speed, and ability wised. Music is chill. The side UI looks fitting. Controls of the character running and car driving feel natural. Thanks for letting us in the on the Alpha!

  • HymloeHymloe Posts: 1,651Member

    Thanks @RowdyPants!

    I really appreciate your quite detailed review there.

    I've been developing it for iPad all these years, but mostly playing it on Mac while developing in Game Salad. So it is nice to be able to output a Mac build, as it really does work better there with keyboard and mouse controls.

    Thanks again for playing! :)

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