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Any tips on making a clicker/tapper smoother?


I am putting together a simple tapper framework to start, and so far it feels a little clunky.

The only thing I've done is create a tap area and a progress bar. When you tap, the progress bar goes up, but it seems like its missing taps or something. Just doesn't feel smooth so far.

Has anyone noticed this before? And if so, any tips on making it respond better?



  • zweg25zweg25 Posts: 738Member

    I don't know how you have it set up, but I am guessing you are using when touch is pressed. If you need it to register better you need to account for touch count

  • StobeStobe Posts: 10Member

    Yes, I have tried both touch is pressed and touch is inside.

    Everything works fine when you tap slow. But when you get tappin fast, it doesn't register all of the taps.

    Can you elaborate on what you mean by touch count?


  • zweg25zweg25 Posts: 738Member

    The problem that I forsee is that touch is pressed and touch is inside is only called when you completely release the actor and then retouch it. When you are tapping really fast your fingers are touching the button before it registers that you have released it.

    You have to think of other ways to account for this. One way is to use touch count. Another way is to destroy the actor once it is touched and immediately spawn the same actor on top

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