Back to Orcs (expanding it)

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Orcs is still doing very well. I worked on plenty other titles, most of them never really came close to it regarding download traffic and user engagement.
So I decided to go back to Orcs and bring even more content to the game. Making it all in all already a pretty large game.

Orcs gets another little Game Update, adding this excellent mini-game about a Meat Wagon and its difficulties.

Beside of that it will have an appformative integration adding analytics and event tracking in the background so there will be clues where to expand the game. Based on how far players play.

A couple of tweaks on existing content as well as price change on in-apps.
Also Elijah Lucian the voice over artist which brought the orcs alive is writing a song for the meat wagon Quest right now.
I will hand in the new update by the end of the week.

Game Links for those who dare to not have played it yet.

iOS AppStore:

Google Play AppStore:

Amazon AppStore:

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