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Simple Mobile App Template Needed [PAID]

Mac RendarMac Rendar Posts: 2Member
edited September 2016 in Help Wanted


I'm hoping to hear from a few developers in regards to pricing for a mobile app template build. Not looking for hand outs, this is a paid offer and I'm looking for quotes. The app is very simple so I'm sure there's people here capable of working on the project.

Application [iOS/And] - Children's Book App
You open the app to an image/loading screen which then takes you to the main menu. The main menu is comprised of 5 clickable buttons and a sliding volume bar at the bottom. Each button leads to a "book". Each one is 22 pages long and are flipped through with typical left/right swiping motions. A page swipe animation would be needed, as well as sfx for swipes and buttons. There would be a back button at the top left at all times. Each page of the book would just be a full size image, designed like the page of a children's book. The final page of the book has a giant button in the center that return the user to the main menu.

I'd use my limited knowledge to swap the page images, music and menu graphics myself. I would just need the template set up for ease of a newb making those changes to create new books later. I would supply any filler graphics if necessary.

Bouncing button/menu animations, certain transitions or any other aesthetic additions to the apps functionality are something I'm interested in and would be willing to see that integrated into pricing as well, if applicable. The app would be intended for children, so naturally touches like that are nice to work with.

Please just respond with your evaluation of the project, additional suggestions or additions you can offer and your pricing/work duration.

Although I prefer paypal, if there is a more suitable means of paying, I'm flexible as long as it produces an appropriate receipt/invoice for record.


  • Mac RendarMac Rendar Posts: 2Member

    I'm very thankful to those who've contacted me about the opportunity! I was also contacted by a Unity developer who is willing to give me the bare minimum for a very cheap offer, so he is working on that now. That being said, bare minimum is what I need now, to test the waters, but not what is ideal for the project.

    I am interested in continuing discussions with those interested in a GS template for (near)future additions to the series. My intention is to continuously release additions to the series with more stores using the template, so an investment in a GS template with intricate sprite usage and menu animations would be more than just something I'd be interested in, it would be what the final product should be. So please, feel free to contact me and let's discuss how the template can be made better, more polished, in GS.

    Thanks again guys! Everyone was so nice and helpful.


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