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Missing Feature from editor?

johnboymacjohnboymac Posts: 33Member
Hi all,
I bought game salad on friday, have spent a fun weekend getting to grips with it and hope to release my first game soon.

from my weekend of development, it seems to me that a feature the editor is missing (as well as leaking memory and losing my images..) is a 'snap to' on the editing screen, or a set of guides to line up actors by, etc. am i correct in this assumption or have I just missed it?

cheers, J


  • RattleheadRattlehead Posts: 485Member
    Not at all... a tool to line up actors during placement in the scene is something that a lot of people have been asking for at one time or another.

    What some people do is just create an image with grid lines on it, drag it into the scene and use that as a guide to place their actors. Then you can just delete it once you are done. It's kind of a painful workaround but it does work.
  • ChunkypixelsChunkypixels Posts: 1,113Member
    yup..its a much needed, and quite frankly basic tool thats missing from the editor, along with the ability to select and move multiple actors at a time.

    Its been mentioned many times before, and is hopefully on Gendai's list of updates.
  • iDeveloperiDeveloper Posts: 441Member
    Yep. I would love to have this feature too. Then I would feel more conform with using GameSalad. This is one of my major things holding me back. Its a pain to move actors and align them.
  • johnboymacjohnboymac Posts: 33Member
    ok, thanks. I hadn't thought about creating a grid of my own - last night I got by using a couple of white blocks - a grid sounds like a neat work around.

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