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20 Seconds - Word Game Out Now!

unbeatenpixelunbeatenpixel Game DeveloperMember, PRO Posts: 534
edited September 2016 in Announce Your Game!

20 seconds is a word game that you need to play in a hurry.


  • Find words faster, gain more points

  • You will earn 10 gold for every correct word

  • Daily reward gives you 100 gold

  • You can stop the time for that word with time freezer. Use carefully!

  • Pass feature does not break your combo count

  • Turn on dark mode to read easier at night


  • Improve your vocabulary

  • Challenge your friend's high scores or to the world!

  • Simple, user friendly design

  • Addictive game mechanic.


Additional thanks to @uptimistik I learned to make a word game with his template.

Lastly, Words games are not my primary focus. I just want to try and see where it goes.

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