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Two.ETwo.E Posts: 577Member, BASIC

Hello all,

Here is another project I was working on.
Its a match 3 game.

You place down 3 numbers onto the board at a time.
You try to match 3 or more of the same number to remove them from the board.
You can create new numbers by mixing numbers. 3 + 3 = 6.
If you create a number higher than 6, that square will be unstable (and thus making the board smaller)
Black tiles are unusable, but you can match 3 or more to remove them from the board.
The Game ends when there is no more room left on the board.

It was built for Html 5 but there are way too many issues (custom collision, bugs etc), so I am looking for someone to purchase or partner with to see this game go either for Mac or IOS stores.
Contact me if interested.

Personally I think its one of the best games I have created. There is a lot of strategy involved. I was hoping to showcase an online version for you to play but seems GS had the plans for me.

Please note: This game was created a year ago but recently moved from Squares to Hexagons after inspiration from another GS game.



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