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Looking for a Mobile Publisher?

Hey GameSalad Developers!

My name is Drew, and I work with PolarCap. We were founded back in March of 2015 as an independent development studio. We've been experiencing a lot of growth lately, and one of the things we've started doing is rebranding ourselves as a combination developer/publisher. When we started out, we shopped around for different publishers to do the marketing and publishing end, but what we found was that at least at the beginning levels of a developer's career, there aren't many trustworthy, reliable publishers out there.

We want to change that. Our teams have experience with the GameSalad engine, it was the engine we all used to produce our first games, and it's still an incredibly capable engine for many of our projects. We want to partner with you to get your game out there on both the iOS and Android platforms, and handle the marketing end and publishing costs/work for you. We'll also provide feedback on your game. We want to form a partnership that goes beyond the traditional publisher/developer relationship, which we can do because we're developers too!

We're looking to publish great, unique, fun games. If you think a game you've already published, are ready to publish, or even haven't finished yet fits that mold, you can visit to learn more and submit your game for review.

Thank you for reading,
PolarCap, LLC.

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