Roll Turtle has been nominated for IMGA sea (The International Mobile Gaming Awards)!!!!!!!

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Hi, Guys,

I am very excited and touched, all the community friends, thank you all for your comments and encouragement, when you think everything is tough dark, there will always be a light appears.
And I want to share a GREAT news that I had just received a notification yesterday.
"Roll Turtle" was nominated for this year's IMGA award!!
I'm very honored and touched Roll Turtle to be one of the nominees of IMGA award!!
(International Mobile Gaming Awards, IMGA, past winners include the Monument Valley, This war of mine)

Roll Turtle IMGA

Everyone is now invited to choose its favourite game through public voting.
This is a great opportunity to get people to know about Gamesalad and Roll Turtle.
If you like Roll Turtle, if you Love Gamesalad, please vote for it in the People's Choice Awards, thanks for your help.
Thank you All community friends, Thank Gamesalad Team!


*P.S. If you have not played Roll Turtle, hope you can try it, you will love it. :)
And Now is $2.99 > $0.99 LIMITED TIME SALE!
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