New Zombie Hunter The Undead - Android Release

Hey everyone just wanted to show everyone the new game I put together titled Zombie Hunter The Undead. I haven't done too much with Gamesalad but wanted to put together something fun and get my feet wet.

★ Enjoy the zombie slaughter in 3 different gameplay modes
★ Glorious amounts of zombie bloodshed & severed heads
★ Massive combo effect score bonuses
★ Powered by GameSalad Mobile Engine
★ Tablets supported
★ Available for Android
★ Truly HD graphic

Android(iOS coming very soon)


  • RowdyPantsRowdyPants Member Posts: 461

    @ben.mahorney Nice. Good mindless fun! Your game is very smooth. I thought the box2D physics engine that GameSalad uses was having micro input lag issues after the introduction of custom collision shapes. Did you build with an older version of GameSalad or something?

  • Dayton App CompanyDayton App Company Member, PRO Posts: 12

    @RowdyPants thanks for the kind words. I built on the current version of GS, haven't had too many issues with any lag.

  • Dayton App CompanyDayton App Company Member, PRO Posts: 12

    We're looking at having the iOS version approved and on the App Store by the end of October.

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