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Rotate actor based on drag anywhere on screen

Hey guys, I feel like this should be very simple but I'm struggling to get the exact results I'm looking for.

I have a circle actor on screen. I want the player to be able to rotate that circle actor around its center point by dragging their finger anywhere on the screen. Drag left to rotate CCW, drag right to rotate CW. Drag quickly to rotate quickly, or slowly to rotate slowly. If I can manage to get this working, I may even want the circle to gradually come to a stop after the drag is complete, rather than a hard stop.

I've found ways to make it rotate to where the player's touch is - I don't want that

I've found ways to make it rotate AFTER the touch/drag is complete - I don't want that

Can someone point me in the right direction? I'm sure it's a "d'oh!" fix.

Thank you!


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