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Zombie Survivor, first game experiment

touchcreamtouchcream Posts: 63Member
Hi everyone, stusapp's topic about hotel rush is really great, i learn a lot of things reading it. And now I would like to share my experience with my first game, Zombie Survivor.

I will share with you all the steps, from the submission to the sale.

For now the game is "waiting for review", submitted it 24h ago. I will keep you in touch for the next step, "in review".

By the way if you want further informations about Zombie Survivor, check out the website : ;)

PS : Please excuse me for my actuals and futures english mistakes, I'm french and my english is far from being perfect ^^


  • CaptainChocoCaptainChoco Posts: 124Member, BASIC
    Hey, good luck with your game, touchcream.
    The game looks interesting. ;)
  • touchcreamtouchcream Posts: 63Member
    It seems that the approval process is really long by this times, after 5 days, my game is still waiting for review. This long wait is killing me ! ^^ I just hope I won't be rejected, don't want to wait like that again to see my first game published :p
  • expired_012expired_012 Posts: 1,802Member
    @touchcream, it should take 4 more days for the review process to finish, it will most likely go into review in 2-3 days

    You can write to them in itunesconnect and ask for an expedited review for this one time, but it wouldn't really be worth it now as you are already in your 5th day of the process
  • touchcreamtouchcream Posts: 63Member
    @artonskyblue : thanks for your answer. By the way it's good to know that it's possible to ask for an expedited review. I'm planning making games about buzzing news and things like that. So ... it could be usefull to accelerate a little bit the approval process :p
  • touchcreamtouchcream Posts: 63Member
    As you maybe saw, Zombie Survivor is out.

    I posted a thread on and macrumors's forum but very late. So finally I made 14 sales including 2 promo codes on the first day (10 US / 1 Fr / 1 Greece / 1 UK / 1 Canada).

    Today I'm going to post on more forums (US and Fr), we'll see if I can get more sales. :)
  • touchcreamtouchcream Posts: 63Member
    Ahah my game has already been cracked, and there is more downloads than regular sales ^^
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