My first game! - Tic Tac Toe clone

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Hi community,
My name is Isaac. I wanted to share my first game created with GameSalad (Mac).

This Tic Tac Toe clone took me about a day and I wanted to create a simple game to learn the creator software.
It was fun learning how to implement my game winner checks and rules. I am really impressed with the outcome and look forward to my next game. Glad to be here and look forward to being apart of the community.

Thanks for checking out my game.


  • ToqueToque Member Posts: 1,183

    Nice little game you have there. That's the best way to learn just make some simple games or play around with some templates.

    Watching you tube videos helped me as well.

    Good job. Have fun.

  • ValanValan Member Posts: 405

    Well done Isaac.
    Lovely style.
    Really nice with colours and the "little" touches like the movement of the player indicator and the growth of the symbols.

    Look forward to seeing your next piece.

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