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Problem with in-app purchase on iOS

MullogMullog Posts: 8Member

I'm trying to add in-app purchase to my app. But it won't work. It works on my Android version so I guess the problem is not in my Gamesalad file without anywhere in iTunes Connect. I have followed a lot of guides but no one explains in detail how to do so I don't know in which step I have done wrong.

  • Does it matter if my bundle identifier is net.domain.adhoc or net.domain.appname?
  • I have added my bank information in tax and banking in iTunes Connect.
  • Under My apps I have created a new version (3.0) and in features I have added in-app purchases.
  • What I have understand the important is to use the correct Product ID. I have tried exactly the same product id as in the table in Gamesalad (in this case "fullgame". I have also tried net.domain.appname.fullgame.
  • On my iPad I have signed out from iTunes and App Store, opening my app and pressed the buy button. But nothing happens. No popup or error message.

What have I missed or why does it not work? I hope someone out there know and can help me.


  • UncloudedStudioUncloudedStudio NetherlandsPosts: 285Member
    edited November 2016

    This Tutorial from @Armelline should cover all the things you need to do in GS

    I always use this template, works like a charm and I recommend using this method instead of only adding a buy button.

    You have created the IAP but have you also added it to the build?

    If your IAP product ID is "fullgame" than that's what you should use in your GS project.

  • MullogMullog Posts: 8Member

    After Gamesalad cookbook that YouTube video was the first tutorial I followed. But it didn't show what I must do in iTunes connect. Maybe I should try again if I made any rule wrong, cause there are many rules to do.
    Yes I have added my IAP to the build. Can I use an adhoc build or should I use the real Bundle ID and upload it with Application Loader?

  • BigDaveBigDave Posts: 2,239Member
    edited November 2016

    you should only have one bundle ID.
    Adhoc and Real build can/should have the same bundle ID.

    On publishing you decide to sign it with the Adhoc or Store Signature, provisioning profile.

    But the Bundle ID remains in any case the same one.

  • milain45milain45 Posts: 1Member

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