Max Backett : Zoo Menace

When the lawless and terror are taking over the World.... When the law-abiding citizens are afraid to go outside on the streets ... When the fear and desperate are taking over the hearts and evil powers started to manifest itself and to make their Evil plans alive....

High time for a new hero to appear! Average detective Max Beckett takes the protection of the weak and disadvantaged. He fights everyone who violates the law and wants to throw the justice down. He will protect all of us!

The game "Max Beckett: menace from the Zoo" - is a new platformer that was created by Sylok Media ,where you have to fight with crazy professor who uses his knowledge to ruin of the World. Addictive gameplay, interesting levels and stunning design will make you play and play again and again this attractive game.
Also you'll get a Tommy Gun machine gun, I forgot to mention...

Have a good game time, friends.


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    Played the game. Seems like this is not made with GameSalad

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