3D video animation


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    Wow! I played a lot of pinball in my childhood and early teens and also was a croupier and gaming inspector many years ago. I spent a lot of time scrutinising both kinds of tables so I know this really captures the anticipation and allure of them. Excellent animation. ;)

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    Very nice.

    I keep wanting to try something.
    It's about the ball's reflection. It could change to reflect it's current position.

    If the game graphic comes from the 3d model then the ball could be rendered at various points on the table. A fair amount of images(150), but small.
    The ball image is changed depending on the balls position in the game.
    So a calculation is needed to convert the X,Y numbers to column, row figures. A table is setup to hold the names of the images to be used.

    We did something similar 20 yrs ago on the Amiga. Fun to see if it could be done with GS.

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