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How does the High-Scores work exactly?

Kevinw026Kevinw026 Member, BASIC Posts: 30

I see something about the Amazon high-score center works, but is there any issue with having the google play store game center? I am trying to figure out before I get to that stage in development, But would like to know if it's possible to have my app on the google play store and whoever downloads it from there has access to the high scores table.


  • fmakawafmakawa Member Posts: 559

    No Google Play Leaderboards I'm afraid. You can use Appformative by @Hopscotch to make universal leaderboards. They also do much more than that. Its great.

  • Kevinw026Kevinw026 Member, BASIC Posts: 30

    is that way hard to set up? and If i use the amazon leaderboard or "gamecenter" can it only be accessed if you downloaded the app from amazon, what if i have the feature on my game, but it was downloaded from the google play

  • HopscotchHopscotch Member, PRO Posts: 2,782
    edited November 2016

    Thank you for the mention and compliment @fmakawa! Much appreciated!

    kw9015, setting up leader-boards with APPFormative is not hard.

    The advantage is:

    • that they are integrated in you app, so match its look and feel
    • can be cross platform, letting your iOS, Amazon and Googly Play users compete
    • or make individual leader-boards for each platform
    • even multiple individual leader-boards e.g. per level are possible.
  • Kevinw026Kevinw026 Member, BASIC Posts: 30

    That sounds awesome and what I am looking for, is it free to sign up, I wouldn't even mind paying for it, just would like to learn how to set up is there examples of this? Thanks!

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