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Chartboost & GameSalad settings - Best way to add Ads & Rewarded Videos? 20 ads per user/day limit?

jollydojollydo Posts: 20Member, PRO

I checked this forum, YouTube and Google, but it is really hard to find clear answers about these questions.


What is the best way to implement a video ad? to pause the game, stop the music, show the Chartboost video ad, and when the ad is finished or closed, stay (or go back) to the scene where you were in the game, with the game unpaused and the music playing again?
Is this only possible by starting the ad in an other scene and use a 2nd scene after the ad with a button for manually go back and unpause (got this tip from GameSalad support about a year ago)?

Implement Chartboost Rewarded Video?
Is this implemented in Gamesalad the exact same way as an video ad, apart from selecting 'rewarded video' in Gamesalad in change scene (or pause scene)?

Is there a Chartboost 20 videos limit per user per day limit? How to check this in the game?
I understand they have a limit of showing 20 ads per user per day? Is this true? Do I need to make some changes in Chartboost to get the max 20 video's (how, where) or is this set by default?

What is the best way to let the game check the video limit: something like: if time <24 hours and videoAdCount <20 show video otherwise do nothing. If time > 24 then reset time to 0 and start counting again. Something like this?

Any help from you guys would be awesome! I think it would be very helpful for anyone to have these common questions bundled in this treat :smile: I know I do!


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