Amazon Underground Sash Icon Error

Hi, I have published my game fine to google play. Amazon I got an error: App launch icon contains incorrect sash. It has to be loaded with the APK that you submit to the Amazon Underground program. I'm new to Gamesalad and can't seem to find the launch icon to add the sash icon onto in Gamesalad - I have downloaded the sash png's. I'm probably missing something obvious :) Cheers


  • You need to put the sash on yourself in an image editor, that is why amazon gives you the png, then upload that as the icon in gamesalad

  • Lozs-ArtLozs-Art Member, PRO Posts: 3

    Thanks for your reply. I realise that, but I can't find what image to put it onto! Amazon wants an app launch icon which is 192x192pxls. It has to be included in the apk, so I'm guessing it should be somewhere on the gamesalad website page to generate the apk, but I can't find it. Is it the game icon that is 512 x 512pxls? Sorry, first time doing this and I'm half guessing my way through :) Thanks again!

  • Yes the game icon, I believe gamesalad converts it depending on the platform you publish to, so make a 512 icon with it

  • Lozs-ArtLozs-Art Member, PRO Posts: 3

    Thanks, I'll give it a go

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