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A simple start.

I am looking to build a game around a puzzle. Most of what will happen around the game with be math and basic statistics. For example. Cards and leveling up those cards. so they are more powerful.

But what I need to do is start the game with a simple puzzle or block collecting mechanic.

what I need to happen is this I need blocks lined up, lets say 5 blocks wide 6 blocks tall.
I need it to start with a random generated layout of 5 colors

The user can only select one of the 5 bottom blocks. basically they have to select a block on the bottom row.
If they select a green block, then all the green blocks touching it including the one they touched will vanish, the blocks will fall down to fill the gaps and new random color blocks will be generated at the top.

also I need to be able to keep score of how many of each color was destroyed by the user from tapping it.

I know this is probably very simple for most of you. and some of it I can do on my own, but random blocks and have ones fill the gaps might be a problem for me.

Any advice would help. Thanks!!

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