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GSinvention completely updated! - 60+ free templates - 100% vendor commission* - and much more!

-Timo--Timo- Posts: 2,313Member
edited December 2016 in Community Tutorials

Hello members of the great GameSalad community,

You might have noticed that our website has been offline for the past couple of days.
The last few weeks we have been working very hard on updating the GSinvention website completely. And its finally done! We are very happy with the result and are proud to announce to you the new GSinvention website.

For those of you who don’t know, GSinvention has been making templates for Gamesalad for over 2 years now and we currently have over 60+ FREE templates with over 15,000 downloads in total, wow!
We also do custom work and are able to create full games from scratch just for you! Furthermore, we have some other free things available on the website which are worth checking out.

We don’t just sell our own templates. We also allow vendors to upload their templates to our site. So are you a template creator who likes to be paid on time? Use GSinvention to upload your templates and start you own small business for FREE!

That’s not all yet. To celebrate our complete update of the site, we now give ALL vendors a stunning 100% COMMISION on all sales for a limited time! What are you waiting for? SIGN UP and start selling your templates!

We are also working on a brand new ongoing “How to make a full platformer game” series on our website which can be watched for Free HERE

Because we have been working very hard on updating the site, we were not able to work a lot on new free templates. Don’t worry, we will get started on the free templates again now since the new site is live, so stay tuned, all future FREE templates and tutorials will be posted here in this thread.

Best regards,
-The GSinvention Team


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