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Wanted to give a quick update on a game I have been working on for quiete some time. I started developing this game with gamesalad about 2 years ago, the I stopped with the development, picked it up some time later,stopped again, and eventually I move to another engine because gamesalad was not the right choice for a game this size, and they couldn't provide the features that I needed the most. It was also intended to be a small iOS game at first, but I got more and more ideas to make this game into something bigger. Anyways, I can only show one screenshot at the moment because we cant release too much content on the internet at the moment. In January there will be a greenlight campaign, and around the same time we are going to talk with Sony and Microsoft to try to release the game on their console.

All I can say now is; it is an open world platformer where you are able to explore lots of different trails, western villages, mines etc., it has an incredible day and night cycle system with different types of weather that changes dynamically (inspired by alto's adventure). besides the open world exploring there are super awesome roguelike/arcade battles in the mines. My music composer knew by accident one of the best harmonica players in the world, which really helps making this game as authentic as possible. And ofcourse there is a wondefull story which is one of the key components of this game. I actually went to the USA last summer to do research in Arizona for this game.

Anyways, great stuff is happening, I hope everyone is doing well here, and I hope you like it!
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    I remember seeing you post about the GS version, it looked great then so I can only imagine its even better now. The screen looks good, looking forward to more info when it's available. :)

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    @jamie_c thanks for the kind words. Its cool you remember some of my old posts! Btw I forgot to mention that the demo build is amost completed, not the full game. I actually started the whole project from scratch after I did research in Phoenix Arizona. Its not the most simple platfomer game since it is completely open world, and to make that work I needed a backtracking system for this game which was pretty complicated (think about a GTA 5 map for example). There are lots of other interesting mechanics, but things like that take a lot of time to develop. Very soon we hope to make a bigger team, then if all goes well we hope to release it early 2018.

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    @Approw So good to hear from you again and that you are forging ahead with what sounds a fascinating project. Thanks for remembering us and sharing this. I look forward to updates on your progress. Season's greetings. :)

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    @PhilipCC Thanks! Well its hard to forget the people from gamesalad. these forums where my home for well over 3 years:) When I left some people asked me to come back every now and then, so thats exactly what I'm doing:) I actually saw the update thread from gs, and its rather quiete sad that their focus is pretty much all on a web tool (WT*#@ a web tool really??), and on education. Sounds like a bad move towards the more serious devs around here, but maybe its good for the company, idk.

    I also saw that some people left because of the sad news from the team.
    If there are any devs reading this post and you are really thinking about changing engine anytime soon, or if you already left but you still check the forums from time to time (just like me), I would love to make a guide for you guys to make a transition from GameSalad to GameMaker: Studio. Let me know if anyone is interessted. Im not trying to take devs away from GS, but rather just to help people make a very pleasant transition towards something more advanced.

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    This game looks cool and I totally agree that story is the main component of the game. Is it already released? How it's called?

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