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Game Done, now i want to try it on my own phone before publishing to apple appstore

Im done with my app and want to try it on my own phone/ipad before publishing on app store, how can i do that?


  • ToqueToque Posts: 1,182Member

    You can google gamesalad adhoc testing iPhone.

    I havnt used it in a long time but there is an Gamesalad app that allows builds to play on the device. Not sure if it works with current gamesalad.

  • NalycanNalycan Posts: 96Member, PRO


    The fastest way to test your project on a device is with GameSalads own GS Viewer app. You can download it on the App Store. (Yes it works on the current version of GS)
    If you want to do even more testing, lets say iAp, iAd or even a game icon check, get Apples own test-app TestFlight.

    Hope this helps :wink:

  • ValanValan Posts: 405Member

    Yes, use TestFlight.

    Setup the Apple BundleID stuff.
    Goto iTunes Connect, My Apps to create new app.
    Use GS to publish the app and sign it.
    Use Application Loader to send the App to apple.
    Choose app in My Apps and use it in TestFlight.
    Download the TestFlight app from the App Store.

    First time takes time but it becomes very straightforward after that.

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