X+X the game | android game made with GS

I have been working on the addictive game since a couple of weeks, months, years(? ;)
Share your comment with me, please.
What would you improve, what would you change.
Beta version, you are welcomed do test it.
Have fun with X + X!

Maybe it is not THE BEST GAME on the market, but C&C are more than welcomed.



  • AdrenalineAdrenaline Member Posts: 523

    I don't have an android device. Can you show/tell a little more about the game? I'm curious.

  • elektroformelektroform Member Posts: 7

    X+X is an arcade game, your aim is to get as many points as possible.

    You get points by either not clicking left/right button ( + sign is lit) so you can grab +'s. When you push the button you change + to X to grab falling "X" sign.

    This game was hand drawn and then put into virtual reality.
    It is the first game I've ever published.

    Electronic music welcomes you from the begining.
    Beeps and boow sounds are common when the X or + fall down.

    It is a simple game for everyone(without restrictions).


  • AdrenalineAdrenaline Member Posts: 523

    Cool, thanks. Best of luck with it!

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