[KICKSTARTER] In search of a Concept Artist and SFX lead for top down multiplayer shooter

I'm looking to start a full team (preferably all Canadian) to begin working on a completely new project inspired by the multiplayer game Infantry (1999-2012, Developed by Harmless eGames LLC). Essentially the goal is to create a science fictional top down multiplayer team based shooter (hopefully a 64+ player experience). Once development plans have been established we will proceed to begin work on preparation and launch of a kickstarter campaign for the game. Right now i really need a concept artist and a person for SFX that can stick with the project up to the launch of the kickstarter and then continue in a paid position if successful.

Ive gotten a few recordings of initial reference material, take a look and let me know if you want to help. You can get back to me at Steelhammergames.pl@outlook.com

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