GSHelper Website Issue

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Good day @ForumNinja I'm reaching out to you as an official figure of the GS team as it seems that @uptimistik is unavailable. I am a seller of the newly Official GameSalad™ Market Place. We all know there has been issue with the website recently being online/offline unavailable ect but now so is the official email support email address

I have tried to contact Jonathan here as first contact and then tried to submit a ticket which resulted in:

Not sure why Im not allowed to submit a ticket but looks like Jonathan is aware of this as he has also this on the same page:

But as you saw above, the email no longer exists!

So now we are in a loop, where we cant raise a ticket nor email support. Please can you contact Jonathan and ask him to attend to these issues as well as repairing the market place cart system as that is also not working as expected as you can see below:

Until the issue is solved, I have had to revert to offering the tool for free which directly affect sales for both myself, you and GSH. Please can you address these issues yourself or contact GSH in another way other than the official email address and bring the Market Place into a stable state.

Thank you in advance.


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