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RiffelRiffel Member Posts: 1,272

Tomorrow my GS pro expires. I have a new GS game with logic 100% done and I'm working in the art e sound assets. Renew my subscription isn't an option this time. I love this engine, this comunity (I don't speak to much cause my english is not that good :-) ) but maybe its time to try other ways to develop games. The new ways GS seems good for education and may be I try it after finish my graduation in visual arts teacher. A GS staff member made a request to publish a a game in the Pinball Jam, my time is precious and I spend some hours to help GS to spread their engine, sorry the jam never see the day light, I asked about and no reply. With new assets I can't test my game without a GS subscription, I have to try other engines. To change my mind I need GS change their subscription model. I'm steel visiting this forum, you are all nice people! Best regards. Marcos Riffel


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