Is this even possible on Game Salad?

I'm looking to turn my Board Game into a Multiplayer Video Game and before I commit to GameSalad I'd like to know if it's even possible. The game is fairly simple:

  • Each player has a 3x3 grid they can place their 3 pre-selected characters (from a roster of several) anywhere on one of their 9 squares.

  • They then each take turns moving if they choose and pick a target to roll a dice against. trying to attack each other until one team is knocked out.

  • Movement is limited to 1 sqaure, no diagonals. The tricky part is that each character has slight modifications that affect their roll and random power-ups appear on their board that do so as well.

So is this possible with GameSalad?? I'd be interested in working with someone if they think they can pull this off.

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  • AlchimiaStudiosAlchimiaStudios Member, PRO Posts: 1,067
    edited March 2017

    Definitely possible. I'm sure some of the freelance developers around here could offer there services.

    I think this is in the wrong forum category though, you'd probably get more responses in help wanted or something.

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  • lynchpuppylynchpuppy Member Posts: 5

    Thank you. I will post there.

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