Huge download drop


Does anyone have a huge drop in downloads in the appstore?
starting this monday ( april 3) i had a huge drop in apps downloads, i was having 80-100 daily downloads per app, and now its go down to 5-10 downloads per app per day. It happened from one day to another

hope this is just temporary, but i want to know if it someone had this happened, or maybe in the past.

app impressions seems to be normal, people are finding the app. just the downloads went down



  • Coolfool24Coolfool24 Member Posts: 1

    Hello, I have had the same problem with my apps since April 3 as well. Unfortunately, I have not figured out why this has happened. My apps also have the same amount of page impressions, but significant download drops. Any leads? Please let me know if you find out something! Thanks

  • hybridhybrid Member Posts: 183

    Hi, so far the games are still around 10 downloads a day, still don't know what happened

  • Emma SmithEmma Smith Member Posts: 22

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