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In Amazon, what is the difference between App ID and App Key?

As the question says. Plus Which do I use for GS in the Publishing section of GS? The cookbook hasn't been helpful since it seems the pics etc are now outdated and no longer match the current GUI.


  • pHghostpHghost London, UKPosts: 2,301Member

    The ID would be the one starting com.xxxx.xxxx

    Might be wrong, haven't published on Amazon for some time.

  • fmakawafmakawa Posts: 559Member

    cant be since mine generated by amazon is like this: amzn1.devportal.mobileapp.d786f003b9dd49c3b59ee659eXXXXXX

  • pHghostpHghost London, UKPosts: 2,301Member


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